2018 ACMA Queensland IPD award – Brisbane Convention Centre

Integrated Project Delivery or IPD, is the commercial process that engages construction modelling (formally known as steel detailing) during the design development phase of the project rather than leaving it until the fabrication stage, as was historically the case.

This change from the traditional commercial arrangements allows construction modellers to deliver significant efficiencies all along the supply chain, lowering the perceived risks for steel construction and ultimately, making structural steel a more sought after building material.

The ACMA has long been a vocal supporter of this process, so it’s exciting to witness the growing awareness by designers and builders of the merits of early engagement and the advantages that local construction modellers can deliver to their projects.

We’re seeing more and more Builders and Design Consultants engaging directly with our member companies to harness these advantages and work collaboratively to realise the full potential that their technology and talent has to offer.

The ACMA promotes this progressive approach at the Queensland Steel Excellence awards by recognising the best example of Integrated Project Delivery from the previous 2 years.

The judging for this award is conducted by an independent panel drawn from the ACMA membership. The Judging criteria for this award are:

  • The extent to which construction modellers were included in the design process
  • Technology integration and the accuracy of 3D modelling
  • Time saved during the documentation program and advances in the construction schedule.
  • Communication improvement and RFI reduction
  • And the benefits the IPD process delivered to the project

The winner of the 2018 ACMA, Queensland IPD award was the APEC Haus project.

The Award, presented here by Clayton Roxborough (ACMA Chairman) was accepted by Suzanna Harmis of Cardno, and Tony Dwyer from TD Drafting.