About Us

Fostering excellence in the Steel Detailing Industry through Communication and Understanding.

Australian Construction Modellers Association Ltd (ACMA) has an experienced, professional and technologically sophisticated membership made up of firms ranging in size from sole traders to multi-national corporations.

The ACMA actively promotes best practice techniques for the preparation of workshop detail drawings of structural steelwork and reviews the performance and professional conduct of its members.

This means that when you use an ACMA member, your project will have the full attention of a bona fide steel detailer / construction modeller with links to the latest industry standards and the best on-going professional development available to detailers in Australia.

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote and safeguard the interests of all members.

  • To develop and establish a code of ethics.

  • To promote the responsibility that all disciplines have in producing correct and complete documentation.

  • To establish and adopt a uniform "general conditions of contract" for steel detailers.

  • To support the professional development of steel detailers / construction modellers such that the industry as a whole can compete with the overseas market.

  • To improve professional recognition of steel detailers in industry.

  • To work closely with the Australian Construction Modellers Association (ACMA).

  • To enlighten the construction industry as to what is involved with the preparation of steel detail drawings, by the provision of technical talks, seminars and conferences.

  • To offer advice to members on issues that may be affecting those members.

  • To provide a forum by which members can freely exchange ideas and information. To educate and train steel detailers.

  • To provide a system of accreditation for steel detailers / construction modellers.

  • • To print articles or publish newspaper reports, periodicals, books or leaflets that the ACMA may deem desirable for the promotion of its objectives.

  • • To federate with, to affiliate with, or act in conjunction with similar associations in other states of Australia and abroad who pursue similar interests.

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