Steel Detailers Manual updated!

Steel Detailers Manual updated!

The much anticipated and long awaited second edition of the ASI ‘Australian Steel Detailers’ Handbook’ is now available in both hard copy and our new digital format.

Much has changed since the publication of the first edition of the Australian Steel Detailers Handbook, in particular the technology used for detailing, powerful 3D modelling and the increasing importance of and engagement that steel detailers have with the supply chain. This is of importance to the early stage stakeholders in a project, who look to the functionality provided by the enhanced 3D models to develop value-engineered solutions. 

The second edition reflects these changes and, in particular, has introduced new or enhanced material addressing:

  • Project organisation, reflecting the evolving contractual relationships and implementation of ‘integrated project delivery’ (IPD)
  • The transition of the traditional ‘steel detailer’ function to be more aptly described as ‘construction modeller’, reflecting the importance of the 3D modelling function and the 3D model becoming the ‘single source of information’.
  • Improved information regarding the steelmaking process, steel properties and steel products. With increasing overseas supply and challenges as regards compliance of construction products, it is important that steel detailers are informed and exercise duty of care in ensuring clear documentation is produced.
  • Updated information on CAD equipment consistent with the powerful 3D modelling software available.
  • Updated references to current Standards and construction practice for products, including steel sections, bolts and bolting, welds and welding.
  • Updated information on standardised structural connections, including 3D views.
  • An entirely new section providing details of a fully detailed 3D building, incorporating examples of many of the standardised connections. Most significantly, access to the full industry foundation class (IFC) based model of the building is included, allowing users to import this IFC model into their own software and further explore the details. Included with the model are numerous examples of typical deliverables, including marking plans, assembly DWGs, fitting sheets, material take-off and bolt lists.
3D Model Provided in IFC Format

3D Model Provided in IFC Format

The format of the hard-copy has been changed from the previous edition. It is now hardbound rather than the previous folder structure, and the printed drawings in the previous version have been replaced by the digital IFC model and deliverables.

The electronic files, comprising the 3D model in IFC format and the deliverables, are available to registered purchasers of the publication and may be downloaded from the ASI website once you have purchased the book. The link for these Supplementary Resources may be found in Chapter 17 ‘Example 3D model and deliverables’.

The book may be purchased from the ASI website here:

This publication has also been launched as an eBook. ASI is offering a special 10% discount to ACMA members on the hard-copy, eBook or the hard copy/eBook bundle. ACMA members will be able to obtain the discount code by emailing

Please note: ASI eBooks are not PDFs. They are accessed via an eReader when online. It is not possible to download or print them.

Also of interest to detailers is another new edition – Standardised Structural Connections has been released after many years out of print. Whereas the Structural Steel Connection Series released in 2007 (simple connections for open sections), 2009 (rigid connections for open sections) and 2013 (tubular connections) aims at practising structural engineers, this publication has been revised and refreshed to provide a concise reference to good practice and standardisation in connection configuration, applicable to a number of other stakeholders such as steel detailers, engineering students and suppliers of components associated with steel connections. This is available from the ASI Bookshop in hard-copy and eBook format at