Perth News | DBM/PDC Stirling Ranges Trip 2019

This last weekend saw a group of DBM/PDC work colleagues descend on Western Australia’s Great Southern region for their annual hiking trip in the Stirling Ranges

The Stirling Ranges boasts some of the best hiking trails in WA and walks that cater for all capabilities from easy walking grade hillside trails, to 2 to 3 hour rock scrambling, steep incline mountain type hiking

PDC have continued this weekend away as a tradition for many many years and this year celebrated its 20th year anniversary with a fantastic attendance by 25 of the Perth staff plus a special guest Phil Shanks from Steelcad Qld who had in the past also attended and was invited to this special anniversary

This year also saw the first ever year that they had timed the weekend to fall when the expected extreme cold weather was to have snow falling on the high mountain tops, giving them to rare chance for West Australians to experience snow on top of Bluff Knoll, one of WA’s highest peaks

The weekend was attended by varying staff members from general managers, senior management, admin staff to junior and new team members

Everyone enjoyed the time away from work bonding in a relaxed team environment, and also enjoying sharing many a story around the campfire of the walks undertaken during the day. Many had already signed up for next year’s trip before the weekend was over

Well done to PDC and we hope they do continue this fine tradition for many more years to come.