DBM Vircon: Introducing a Fully Integrated BDS Vircon and PDC

Whilst there has been numerous technological advances over the past few decades, there have also been some significant changes to the businesses operating within the Australian construction modelling industry.

In late 2016, a significant announcement was made when DBM Global, a construction company based in Phoenix, Arizona acquired two of the top modelling and detailing brands in the industry, BDS Vircon and PDC.  Both BDS and PDC were Australian companies and had provided years of successful project delivery across Australian and internationally.  At the time of this transaction, many wondered whether this change would result in a loss of two lead organisations and their contribution to use of technology, innovative approaches and delivery methods to the Australian market. By stark contrast, these brands have been brought together under DBM Vircon to fully leverage both companies systems into a seamless and comprehensive solution.  With the combination of two great delivery systems, numerous advances have been made to the delivery systems and processes used across all of DBM Vircon’s projects.

With the merge of systems and processes being finalised in the background, the team embarked on a rebranding journey to better recognise the global business that has been grown from BDS and PDC’s humble beginnings.  One of the greatest evolutions to both BDS and PDC has been the change from being shop detailing businesses to a premier construction modelling, design, detailing and digital engineering company.  With construction modelling, virtual construction and digital engineering now representing a more accurate depiction of the role and work being undertaken, the business has now been rebranded as DBM Vircon; an acronym for  Design-Build-Maintain: Virtual Construction.

Today, DBM Vircon have operations across four continents in eight countries forming one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated 3D modelling, design, detailing and digital engineering companies in the world.  Whilst DBM Vircon’s outlook has become broader and global focused, the importance of our Australian team has not diminished.  Both the Australian and global market highly values the expertise, innovation, systems and emphasis on delivering quality and providing solutions that DBM Vircon’s Australian teams are well known for.  DBM Vircon continues to focus on attracting talented new team members and supporting the transition of knowledge from experienced construction modellers to juniors and cadets.

DBM Vircon looks forward to continuing to contribute to the Australian construction modelling industry and ACMA over the coming years.  Equally, DBM Vircon remains committed to working collaboratively with its clients and delivery partners throughout Australia.